Financial Guidance During Litigation

  • We assist you in completing your financial data gathering, which includes organization of finances, which includes documentation of income, expenses, assets and debts and development
  • We provide your attorney with helpful reports and graphs to substantiate your case
  • We calculate child support, spousal support and other needed information for you and your attorney
  • We act as your financial advocate to help you understand the short and long term consequences of potential financial settlements
  • We educate you on all related financial issues of your divorce (i.e., real estate, businesses, pensions, retirement accounts, marital vs. non-marital assets, tax issues)
  • We can act as the expert financial witness if your divorce goes to trialMediation
  • As a unbiased neutral third party, Connie Walsh is qualified to mediate your parenting and financial issues
  • The goal of mediation is to complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between you and your spouse/partner on all of the issues relating to your divorce
  • You and your spouse are strongly encouraged to engage the services of a family law attorney for each of you early on in the process.  Your respective attorneys are then available to advise you as to your rights and legal issues.  A list of referrals can be provided upon request.
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