We provide a range of services during your divorce


"Why do I need a financial person in my divorce?"


We provide you with a clear view of your financial future with a greater sense of control of the present.  We help families maximize their financial security and make more informed decisions during divorce by demonstrating both the short and long term financial consequences of various financial settlements.

What will your experience be like with Walsh Financial?

Clients generally start their relationship with Walsh Financial Divorce Solutions, LLC with a short phone conversation at which time we can help you determine if it would be better for you to come in alone or with your spouse/partner.  If it seems that an alternative dispute method (mediation or collaborative divorce) is likely, than we may suggest that you come in for a consultation with your spouse.  This way we can stay impartial and neutral as your mediator and/or financial consultant.

The initial consultation or meeting at our office typically lasts an hour.  What sets us apart is our personal approach. We first make sure you understand the differences between litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce.  Which process is best suited for you will become evident based on your personal circumstances. 

We listen to your needs, discuss your goals, fears and concerns and help you to understand your options.  During this meeting we will discuss your personal estimated time frame, fee structure, and process.   We bill hourly and request a retainer at the inception of the process.  We provide monthly invoicing that will keep you apprised of the work that has been done and the remaining retainer.


Whether you are litigating, mediating or collaborating your divorce we will provide you and your attorney with the tools and education you need to help you negotiate an equitable settlement.

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